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Consultation Services
Castle Digital Consulting Services

In-House Support Consultants

We can reduce the overall cost of ownership of your network by providing all the necessary services and support without the expense of a full-time support team. For less than the cost of a network engineer, you would be receiving all of the knowledge and support of an entire IT department. This includes everything from end user support, complex networking operations and anything else IT related. We provide experts such as DBA's, web developers, programmers, networking engineers, help desk personnel, and many more to solve even the most simple or complex IT issues.
Weekly In-House Support Specialist
Our flexible On-Site Technical Placement Program allows you to select how many days you need our technician, and they can address issues at your office. If there are specific issues needed to be addressed, our technician will contact one of our in-house specialists to come in and work on the specific issue(s). You get all this when you contract one of our technicians.

Classical Consulting
Our Classical Consulting Program provides our clients with blocks of time. This is ideal for the client who is looking for a short term solution to a problem or personnel to work on a finite project.

IT Specialists

Whether you are looking for an in-house programmer, HTML-coder, DBA, graphic designer, networking engineer or any other specialist, you can have one of our experts become part of your staff on a scheduled basis. Through a consistent weekly schedule, projects can be easily assigned and followed through to completion. An additional benefit is that our specialist is trained to work closely with your existing staff and to exceed your expectations.
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