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Web Hosting & Development Services
Castle Digital Internet Services

Web Hosting

At Castle Digital Corp. we offer affordable and flexible web hosting solutions. These solutions range from our own web servers to dedicated enterprise hardware. Our network engineers have decades of experience at your disposal.

We have built our web hosting division on three key pillars; Bandwidth, Security and Strength. We offer premium Bandwidth which provides the speed, performance and throughput which comes from having our datacenters directly on the internet backbone. We achieve secure networks through multi-layered firewall protection, daily updates for operating systems/software, and 24/7 monitoring. Our Strength lies in our "Tier 1" managed hosting, e-commerce solutions, streaming servers and web development.

Web Design

When you decide to create a new website or expand/redesign your existing one, Castle Digital Corp. can be one stop solution for all of your web design needs. We offer affordable solutions for everything from web-store-fronts to complex e-commerce mega-sites. We are able to provide this through a comprehensive in-house staff whose specialties include everything from ASP to XML. We can build the web-presence your company is looking for.
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